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Teh C Recipe: A Comprehensive Guide to Brewing the Perfect Malaysian Tea

Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey as we delve into the world of Teh C, a beloved Malaysian beverage that has captured the hearts of many. This versatile tea, crafted from a harmonious blend of black tea and condensed milk, has become an integral part of Malaysian culture, enjoyed in homes, cafes, and street stalls alike.

Join us as we explore the intricacies of Teh C, from its humble ingredients to its rich cultural significance, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to create the perfect cup in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Whether you’re a seasoned tea enthusiast or simply curious about this delectable beverage, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Teh C. From understanding the nuances of different brewing methods to discovering its potential health benefits, we’ll cover it all.

So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the enchanting world of Teh C.

Teh C Ingredients

Teh C is a popular Malaysian beverage made with black tea and evaporated milk. The ingredients used in making Teh C are simple, but each plays a vital role in creating its distinctive flavor and aroma.

The following is a detailed list of ingredients used in making Teh C, along with their measurements and significance:

Black Tea

  • Loose-leaf black tea: 2 tablespoons (or 4 tea bags)
  • Water: 2 cups

Black tea is the base of Teh C and provides its characteristic flavor and aroma. Loose-leaf black tea is preferred for its superior quality and flavor, but tea bags can also be used for convenience.

Evaporated Milk

  • Evaporated milk: 1/4 cup

Evaporated milk is a key ingredient in Teh C, as it adds a creamy and slightly sweet flavor to the tea. It is important to use evaporated milk, not condensed milk, as condensed milk is much sweeter and can overpower the flavor of the tea.

Sugar (Optional)

  • Sugar: to taste

Sugar is an optional ingredient in Teh C, but it can be added to taste if desired. The amount of sugar added will depend on personal preference.


There are several variations of Teh C, each with its own unique flavor. Some popular variations include:

  • Teh C Special: This variation includes the addition of condensed milk to the evaporated milk, resulting in a sweeter and creamier beverage.
  • Teh C Peng: This variation is served cold, with the addition of ice.
  • Teh C Ais: This variation is similar to Teh C Peng, but it is served with shaved ice.

Teh C Brewing Methods

Brewing Teh C involves simple steps, but mastering the techniques can elevate the tea’s flavor and aroma. Various methods can be employed, each yielding slightly different results.

Stovetop Method

The stovetop method is a traditional approach that allows for precise control over water temperature and steeping time. Bring water to a boil, then remove from heat and add tea leaves. Steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on desired strength. Strain the tea into a cup and add condensed milk to taste.

Electric Kettle Method

Using an electric kettle simplifies the process, as it automatically heats water to the desired temperature. Fill the kettle with water and select the appropriate temperature setting (usually around 195-205°F). Add tea leaves to the kettle and steep for 3-5 minutes.

Strain the tea into a cup and add condensed milk to taste.

French Press Method

The French press method produces a full-bodied tea with a rich flavor. Add tea leaves to the French press and pour hot water over them. Stir briefly, then insert the plunger and let it steep for 4-6 minutes. Slowly press down the plunger to filter the tea.

Pour the tea into a cup and add condensed milk to taste.

Comparison of Methods

The stovetop method offers the most control over water temperature and steeping time, resulting in a customizable tea experience. The electric kettle method is convenient and consistent, while the French press method produces a robust tea with a bolder flavor.

Teh C Variations

Teh C is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed in various forms, each with its unique characteristics and popularity.

Teh C Peng

Teh C Peng, also known as iced Teh C, is a refreshing variation that is perfect for hot weather. It is prepared by brewing Teh C and then chilling it over ice. Teh C Peng retains the rich flavor of Teh C while providing a cooling sensation.

Teh C Kosong

Teh C Kosong, or Teh C without condensed milk, is a simple yet flavorful variation that allows the natural flavors of tea and milk to shine through. It is prepared by brewing tea and adding evaporated milk instead of condensed milk.

Teh C Kosong is a lighter and less sweet alternative to traditional Teh C.

Teh C Special

Teh C Special is a decadent variation that adds additional ingredients to the classic Teh C recipe. Common additions include evaporated milk, condensed milk, and sugar syrup. Teh C Special is a rich and indulgent treat that is perfect for those who enjoy a sweeter and creamier beverage.

Teh C Health Benefits

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Teh C, a beloved Malaysian beverage, offers not only a refreshing taste but also potential health benefits. Its antioxidant properties, caffeine content, and digestive aids have been recognized by researchers.

Antioxidant Properties

Teh C is rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols and flavonoids. These compounds have been shown to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, which can contribute to chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Caffeine Content

Teh C contains caffeine, a stimulant that can improve alertness and focus. Caffeine has also been linked to improved athletic performance and reduced risk of certain neurodegenerative diseases.

Digestive Aids

Teh C is believed to have digestive benefits due to the presence of tannins. These compounds can help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and may aid in digestion.

Recommended Intake and Side Effects

While Teh C offers potential health benefits, it is important to consume it in moderation. Excessive caffeine intake can lead to side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. The recommended daily intake of caffeine for adults is up to 400 milligrams.

Teh C Cultural Significance

Teh C holds a special place in the hearts of Malaysians and Singaporeans, transcending its humble beginnings as a beverage. It has become an integral part of the social fabric, fostering connections and reflecting the vibrant street food culture of the region.

Social Gatherings

Teh C is a staple at social gatherings, from casual catch-ups to formal events. Its warm, comforting aroma and familiar taste create a convivial atmosphere, encouraging conversations and laughter. Whether shared at a roadside stall or in the comfort of homes, Teh C serves as a catalyst for bonding and shared experiences.

Street Food Staple

In Malaysia and Singapore, Teh C is a ubiquitous street food item, sold by countless hawkers and stalls. Its affordability and convenience make it an accessible treat for people from all walks of life. The sight of steaming cups of Teh C being prepared on the spot adds a vibrant touch to the streets, further enhancing its cultural significance.

Representation in Local Culture

Teh C has found its way into local culture, appearing in popular songs, movies, and even literature. Its distinct flavor and cultural significance have made it a beloved symbol of Malaysian and Singaporean identity. Anecdotes and stories abound, highlighting the central role Teh C plays in the lives of locals.

Teh C Accompaniments

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Teh C, a beloved Malaysian beverage, pairs well with a variety of accompaniments that enhance its flavors and cultural significance. These pairings create a harmonious symphony of tastes and traditions, making Teh C an integral part of Malaysian social gatherings.

Snacks and Pastries

Teh C’s rich, malty sweetness complements savory snacks such as keropok (crackers) and kacang putih (roasted peanuts). The contrasting textures and flavors create a delightful balance. Sweet pastries like kaya toast (coconut jam toast) and roti canai (flatbread) add a touch of indulgence, balancing Teh C’s bitterness with a hint of sweetness.

Other Beverages

For those seeking a more refreshing accompaniment, air bandung (rose syrup drink) provides a vibrant contrast to Teh C’s dark color and robust flavor. The floral notes of air bandung complement Teh C’s earthy tones, creating a harmonious blend.

Teh C Accompaniments
Accompaniment Flavor Pairing Cultural Significance
Keropok Savory, crunchy texture Traditional snack enjoyed at tea time
Kacang putih Nutty, roasted flavor Common accompaniment to Teh C
Kaya toast Sweet, coconutty flavor Breakfast staple in Malaysia
Roti canai Flaky, buttery texture Popular street food and Teh C pairing
Air bandung Floral, refreshing flavor Complements Teh C’s earthy notes


As we conclude our exploration of Teh C, we hope you have gained a newfound appreciation for this Malaysian treasure. Whether you choose to savor it as a warm and comforting beverage on a rainy afternoon or share it with loved ones during joyous celebrations, Teh C is sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate and soul.

Remember, the true beauty of Teh C lies not only in its taste but also in its ability to connect people and create cherished memories. So, go forth, experiment with different variations, discover your favorite accompaniments, and share the joy of Teh C with the world.

Answers to Common Questions

What is the difference between Teh C and Teh Tarik?

While both Teh C and Teh Tarik are popular Malaysian tea drinks, they differ in their preparation methods. Teh C is typically brewed using a teabag or loose tea leaves, steeped in hot water and then combined with condensed milk.

Teh Tarik, on the other hand, involves repeatedly pouring the tea mixture back and forth between two containers, creating a frothy and well-blended beverage.

Can I use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk?

Yes, you can use evaporated milk as a substitute for condensed milk in Teh C. However, keep in mind that evaporated milk has a thinner consistency and less sweetness than condensed milk. You may need to adjust the amount you add to achieve your desired taste.

Is Teh C healthy?

Teh C can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Black tea contains antioxidants that may have health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and improving heart health. However, the condensed milk added to Teh C does increase its calorie and sugar content, so moderation is key.

How long can I store Teh C?

Freshly brewed Teh C is best consumed within a day. If you have leftovers, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Reheat gently before serving.

What are some popular accompaniments to Teh C?

Teh C pairs well with a variety of snacks and pastries. Popular accompaniments include kaya toast, roti canai, and kuih-muih (traditional Malaysian sweets). It can also be enjoyed with other beverages, such as coffee or fruit juice.

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