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Indulge in a Refreshing Treat: Green Tea Cream Starbucks Recipe for a Health-Conscious Delight

In the realm of coffeehouse favorites, green tea cream stands out as a beacon of flavor and health. With its vibrant green hue and invigorating aroma, this delectable creation has captivated the taste buds of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to explore the art of crafting the perfect green tea cream Starbucks recipe, promising a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your senses and nourish your well-being.

Delve into the secrets of this revitalizing beverage as we unveil the unique flavor profile of green tea cream, its myriad health benefits, and the essential ingredients and equipment required for this culinary masterpiece. Follow our step-by-step guide, where each step is meticulously detailed to ensure success.

Discover variations and customization options that cater to diverse preferences, along with presentation and serving suggestions that elevate the experience.

Understanding Green Tea Cream

Green tea cream is a refreshing and flavorful beverage that combines the natural sweetness of green tea with the creamy texture of milk and sugar. It is made by whisking together green tea powder, milk, and sugar until it becomes smooth and frothy.

The resulting drink is light and airy, with a delicate green color and a subtly sweet flavor.

Green Tea Cream: A Flavorful and Refreshing Beverage

Green tea cream is a popular choice for those looking for a healthy and refreshing beverage. It is a good source of antioxidants, which can help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Green tea cream is also a good source of caffeine, which can help improve alertness and focus.

The combination of green tea and milk creates a unique flavor profile that is both refreshing and flavorful.

Green Tea: A Source of Health Benefits

Green tea has been shown to have a number of health benefits, including:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Improved brain function
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Reduced risk of cancer

These benefits are attributed to the high levels of antioxidants found in green tea. Antioxidants help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage cells and DNA.

Green Tea Cream: A Refreshing and Flavorful Beverage

Green tea cream is a refreshing and flavorful beverage that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a good source of antioxidants and caffeine, and it has a number of health benefits. Green tea cream is a popular choice for those looking for a healthy and refreshing alternative to sugary drinks.

Ingredients and Equipment

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Crafting a delightful green tea cream requires a careful selection of ingredients and the right tools. These elements lay the foundation for a successful culinary experience.


The following ingredients are essential for creating green tea cream:

  • Green tea powder: Choose high-quality matcha powder for its vibrant color and rich flavor. It is the heart of the cream, imparting its distinctive taste and aroma.
  • Heavy cream: This provides a smooth and creamy texture to the cream. Ensure it is well-chilled before use, as this helps it whip up better.
  • Sugar: Granulated sugar adds sweetness and balances the bitterness of the green tea powder. Adjust the amount to your desired sweetness level.
  • Vanilla extract: A touch of vanilla extract enhances the flavor of the cream, adding a subtle warmth and depth.


The following equipment is necessary for preparing green tea cream:

  • Mixing bowl: A medium-sized mixing bowl is suitable for whipping the cream and combining the ingredients.
  • Whisk: A wire whisk is ideal for whipping the cream and incorporating air into the mixture, resulting in a light and fluffy texture.
  • Spatula: A spatula helps in folding the whipped cream into the green tea mixture, ensuring a smooth and even distribution.

Step-by-Step Recipe Guide

Let’s embark on a delightful journey to create a delectable Green Tea Cream that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to a realm of pure indulgence.

Before commencing, ensure you have gathered all the necessary ingredients and equipment. This culinary endeavor requires precision and organization to achieve the perfect harmony of flavors.

Measuring and Mixing Dry Ingredients

  • In a spacious bowl, meticulously measure and combine the all-purpose flour, cornstarch, and baking powder.
  • Using a whisk or a fork, gently blend these dry ingredients until they are evenly distributed, creating a cohesive mixture.

Preparing the Milk and Cream Mixture

  • In a separate saucepan, bring the whole milk to a gentle simmer over medium heat, stirring occasionally to prevent scorching.
  • Once the milk begins to bubble around the edges, remove it from the heat and set it aside to cool slightly.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together the heavy cream, sugar, and salt until well combined.

Combining Wet and Dry Ingredients

  • In a large mixing bowl, whisk the egg yolks until they are light and fluffy, approximately 1 minute.
  • Gradually whisk in the warm milk mixture into the egg yolks, continuously stirring to prevent curdling.
  • Return the mixture to the saucepan and place it over medium heat. Cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon, approximately 3-4 minutes.
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Allow the mixture to cool slightly.
  • Incorporate the dry ingredient mixture into the cooled custard mixture, whisking until smooth and lump-free.
  • Pour the custard mixture into a heatproof container, cover it with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight, allowing the flavors to meld and deepen.

Whipping the Cream and Assembling the Green Tea Cream

  • In a chilled bowl, whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form.
  • Remove the custard mixture from the refrigerator and gently fold in the whipped cream until fully combined, creating a light and airy green tea cream.
  • Transfer the green tea cream into individual serving dishes or glasses and garnish with a sprinkle of matcha powder or finely chopped green tea leaves for an elegant touch.
  • Serve immediately and relish the symphony of flavors as the creamy texture and refreshing green tea notes dance on your palate.

Variations and Customization

Explore different variations of the green tea cream recipe to suit individual preferences and dietary restrictions. Experiment with various types of milk, sweeteners, and flavor combinations to create a unique and personalized drink.

Milk Options

The choice of milk can significantly impact the flavor and texture of the green tea cream. Experiment with different milk options, such as:

  • Whole milk: Provides a rich and creamy texture, creating a decadent and indulgent drink.
  • Skim milk: Offers a lighter and healthier alternative, resulting in a refreshing and calorie-conscious beverage.
  • Oat milk: Imparts a subtle sweetness and a creamy consistency, catering to those with lactose intolerance or vegan preferences.
  • Almond milk: Adds a nutty flavor and a smooth texture, making it a suitable choice for those seeking a dairy-free option.

Sweetener Options

Adjust the sweetness level of the green tea cream to your liking. Consider these sweetener options:

  • Sugar: The classic choice for sweetening the drink, providing a familiar and comforting flavor.
  • Honey: Offers a natural sweetness with a subtle floral aroma, adding a touch of sophistication to the beverage.
  • Maple syrup: Imparts a rich and caramelized sweetness, creating a decadent and indulgent treat.
  • Stevia: Provides a sugar-free alternative with a natural sweetness, catering to those with dietary restrictions or seeking a healthier option.

Flavor Combinations

Enhance the flavor of the green tea cream by incorporating complementary flavors. Try these combinations:

  • Matcha powder: Add an extra boost of green tea flavor, creating a vibrant and aromatic beverage.
  • Vanilla extract: Infuse a classic vanilla flavor, adding a touch of sweetness and familiarity to the drink.
  • Lemon zest: Impart a bright and citrusy flavor, creating a refreshing and invigorating beverage.
  • Mint leaves: Add a refreshing and aromatic touch, creating a spa-like experience with each sip.


Add toppings to enhance the texture and visual appeal of the green tea cream. Consider these options:

  • Whipped cream: Creates a fluffy and creamy topping, adding a touch of indulgence to the drink.
  • Chocolate shavings: Provides a rich and decadent topping, creating a delightful contrast with the green tea flavor.
  • Caramel drizzle: Imparts a sweet and sticky topping, adding a touch of sophistication to the beverage.
  • Sprinkles: Adds a colorful and playful topping, making the drink visually appealing and perfect for special occasions.

Experiment with these variations and customizations to create a green tea cream that suits your unique preferences and dietary needs. Enjoy the versatility and deliciousness of this refreshing and customizable beverage.

Presentation and Serving Suggestions

The visual appeal of the green tea cream beverage can greatly enhance its overall experience. Consider these presentation ideas to elevate the drink’s aesthetic and appeal to your senses:


  • Tea Dust: Sprinkle a thin layer of matcha powder or green tea dust on top of the cream for a subtle pop of color and added flavor.
  • Fresh Herbs: Add a sprig of mint or a few basil leaves as a garnish. Their vibrant green color will complement the drink’s hue and provide a refreshing aroma.
  • Citrus Zest: Top the beverage with a twist of lemon or lime zest. The citrusy aroma and flavor will brighten up the drink and add a touch of sophistication.


  • Cookies or Biscotti: Serve the green tea cream with a selection of delicate cookies or biscotti. Their crunchy texture will provide a delightful contrast to the smooth creaminess of the beverage.
  • Fresh Fruit: Offer slices of fresh fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries, as a refreshing accompaniment. Their natural sweetness will complement the earthy notes of the green tea.
  • Sweeteners: Provide a variety of sweeteners, such as honey, agave syrup, or simple syrup, for those who prefer a sweeter drink. This allows your guests to customize the sweetness level to their liking.

Maintaining Freshness and Quality:

  • Store Properly: Keep the green tea cream refrigerated at all times. Cover the container tightly to prevent oxidation and preserve its freshness.
  • Use Fresh Ingredients: Ensure that the green tea, milk, and cream used are fresh and of high quality. This will significantly impact the taste and texture of the final beverage.
  • Consume Promptly: The green tea cream is best consumed within a few days of preparation. Prolonged storage may compromise its flavor and quality.

Health and Nutritional Information

The nutritional value of the green tea cream recipe depends on the specific ingredients used and their proportions. However, as a general guideline, a serving of green tea cream may contain:

  • Calories: 200-300
  • Fat: 10-15 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 20-25 grams
  • Protein: 2-3 grams

In terms of health benefits, green tea cream in moderate amounts may offer some potential advantages:

  • Antioxidant Properties: Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which can help protect cells from damage caused by free
    radicals. These antioxidants may play a role in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Improved Brain Function: Green tea contains compounds that may enhance cognitive function, such as memory and attention.
  • Reduced Risk of Heart Disease: The antioxidants in green tea may help lower cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Weight Management: Green tea is often associated with weight loss and maintenance, as it may help boost metabolism and promote fat burning.

It’s important to note that these benefits are generally associated with consuming green tea as a beverage, not specifically as a cream or dessert. When consumed in large quantities or as part of a diet high in saturated fats and sugars, the health benefits may be diminished.

To compare the nutritional profile of green tea cream with other popular coffeehouse beverages, consider the following:

  • Caffe Latte: A caffe latte typically contains more calories and fat than green tea cream, but it is lower in
  • Mocha: Amocha is usually higher in calories, fat, and sugar compared to green tea cream. It also contains chocolate, which has its own set of nutritional properties.
  • Cappuccino: A cappuccino is similar to a caffe latte in terms of calories, fat, and carbohydrate content. However, it is made with steamed milk, which adds a creamy texture and may slightly increase the fat content.

Ultimately, the nutritional value and health impact of green tea cream depend on the ingredients used and the portion size. Consuming it in small amounts as part of a balanced diet may offer some health benefits, such as those associated with green tea consumption.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Encountering difficulties while preparing the green tea cream? Don’t worry, here are some common challenges and solutions to help you achieve a perfect result.

Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity and address any uncertainties you may have about the recipe.

Common Challenges

  • Cream Not Thickening: Ensure that you use heavy cream with a fat content of at least 36%. If the cream is too thin, it may not whip properly.
  • Cream Curdling: Avoid adding the matcha powder directly to the hot cream. Instead, whisk it into a small amount of cold cream before adding it to the hot cream.
  • Cream Too Sweet: Adjust the amount of sugar or sweetener according to your preference. You can also use a sugar-free sweetener if desired.
  • Cream Not Fluffy: Make sure you whip the cream until stiff peaks form. This will ensure a light and airy texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a different type of tea? Yes, you can use other types of tea, such as black tea, oolong tea, or jasmine tea. However, the flavor of the green tea cream will be altered.
  • Can I make the cream ahead of time? Yes, you can make the cream up to 3 days in advance. Store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  • Can I freeze the cream? Yes, you can freeze the cream for up to 2 months. Thaw it in the refrigerator overnight before using.
  • How can I use the cream? You can use the cream as a topping for cakes, pies, or ice cream. You can also use it as a filling for pastries or sandwiches.


In conclusion, the Green Tea Cream Starbucks recipe is a delectable treat that combines the refreshing flavor of green tea with the creamy richness of whipped cream. Its unique and visually appealing presentation makes it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts and those seeking a refreshing and invigorating beverage.

The recipe’s simplicity and versatility allow for customization and experimentation, encouraging individuals to explore their own flavor combinations and preferences. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing pick-me-up or a sweet indulgence, this recipe offers a delightful experience that caters to a wide range of tastes.

Sharing Experiences

We encourage you to experiment with the recipe, trying out different variations and flavor combinations to create your own unique green tea cream beverage. Share your experiences and creations with friends, family, and fellow coffee enthusiasts, spreading the joy and delight of this refreshing and delicious treat.

Last Word

frappuccino matcha verde creme coffe starbuck frappucino sabor mocha 레시피 스타벅스 frapuccino café

As we conclude our exploration of the green tea cream Starbucks recipe, we are left with an appreciation for its delightful taste and remarkable health benefits. This versatile beverage offers endless opportunities for experimentation, allowing you to tailor it to your unique palate and dietary needs.

Whether you prefer a classic preparation or a customized creation, the green tea cream Starbucks recipe promises a refreshing and rejuvenating experience with every sip. Embrace the art of home barista and indulge in the tranquility of a perfectly crafted green tea cream, knowing that you are nourishing your body and soul with each delightful moment.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: What makes green tea cream unique in the world of coffeehouse beverages?

A: Green tea cream distinguishes itself with its vibrant green color, refreshing flavor, and the health benefits associated with green tea. It offers a delightful balance of sweetness, creaminess, and a hint of vegetal notes, making it a popular choice among health-conscious coffee lovers.

Q: Can I substitute other types of milk or sweeteners in the recipe?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with different milk options, such as almond, oat, or coconut milk, to create a dairy-free or plant-based version. You can also adjust the sweetness level by using alternative sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or stevia, catering to your personal taste preferences.

Q: How can I enhance the visual appeal of my green tea cream beverage?

A: To elevate the presentation, consider garnishing your drink with a sprinkle of matcha powder, a drizzle of honey, or a few fresh mint leaves. You can also serve it in a chilled glass or mason jar, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your homemade creation.

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